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Clint Snyders
CEO of Young Rich Famous Authentic Apparel

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Young Rich Famous has been around since 2005, but only officially registered in 2010. It first started as a concept for events planning, targeting party goers and festival revelers. We have always been at the heart of a design experience, whether it be designing the perfect event or experience, it was ultimately always about making our followers feel good being at our events.

We then came up with a brilliant concept when designing our first logo, it was basically a symbol of the three spheres of life. We all go through a phase being young, a phase where you just want to make money and be rich. The third phase where you have such a good evening you want to always be famous, be recognized by your peers as the IT guy or girl.

That is how Young Rich Famous Authentic Apparel was born. Now we live by Three Pillars linked to each phase of the life cycle, Mindset/Hard-work/Dedication. We believe each of these pillars form an integral part of how we rise above our circumstances to ultimately achieve our goals.

We believe just like diamonds are forged in the most extremes of temperatures , so are characters forged, by being surrounded by other strong characters and that is what we live to achieve.

Diamonds aren’t diamonds because they run or are removed from the extreme temperature needed to become one of the most precious, sought after stones. Young Rich Famous Authentic Apparel will strive to achieve this sought after status through our pillars and support from our following.

Feel Good ,do Good. Feel bad, Do Good. Just do Good and the Good will become you- CEO Clint Snyders

Mindset, Hard-work, Dedication is what we do each and every day to achieve our ultimate success as a brand

Besides all of the above, one of the main reasons for me starting the brand is as a result of growing up with very little. I grew up with parents slaving away trying to give me and my siblings the best they can afford. I never could afford the best so I decided to start my own brand instead of looking up to brands or people who live false lives and sell false hopes.

I have always lived my life giving more than I take, creating value and being of value through being real or authentic with the people and clients I found myself surrounded by. These are the same values I hope to inspire through the brand.

I hope to inspire the poor kids with no hope to find their own hero within themselves and the journey they chose to travel to the path of success.

As a brand I hope to take action and and help inspire kids via my story and by also giving back through some valuable initiatives we are currently working on setting up as a brand.

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