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A Man’s Guide to Dressing Sharp and Casual in His 20s

A Man’s Guide to Dressing Sharp and Casual in His 20s By Antonio on Jan 25, 2017 10:40 am In ages past, men made shifts in their wardrobes as they got older; certain clothes denoted a man’s stage in life, stature, and maturity. Today, the generational lines between clothes are blurrier. But the things you […]

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The Ultimate Suit Wearing Cheat Sheet Every Man Needs

  Aside from being heavy drinkers and womanizers, what do Barney Stinson, James Bond and Don Draper have in common? They all look suave, thanks to their ability to wear a suit, which is the trademark of the professional man. Now you may be thinking to yourself that you’ve never looked anywhere near as dashing […]

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Mike Leather’s vintage biker’s

Mike Leather’s Vintage Biker’s A homage to Joburg’s vibrant 80’s punk past Mike Leather’s Vintage Biker’s is one of my favorite hidden gems in Joburg just so happens to also be a “tribute to South Africa’s punk and alternative scene” past!  On Jan smuts, opposite the Goodman gallery lies an entrance surrounded by a leather […]

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How to Match the Colour of Your Shoes with Your Clothes

Choosing the color of shoes that will go well with one’s outfit is one difficulty that many people encounter. While the decision on which pair to wear definitely belongs to you, there are certain rules to follow for you to look your best and be in style. Below is a guide that will make pairing […]

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