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The Phantom Elevation Mask is a cutting edge respiratory conditioning device that will take your workouts and fitness to a whole new level.
Powered by the revolutionary  air flow platform, precision crafted with variable levels of load to the respiratory muscles via dial-able air flow adjustment. The Phantom Elevation Mask makes your respiratory muscles stronger and more efficient giving you access to unparalleled workout stamina, endurance, and recovery.
Defeat training fatigue by Elevating your training with The Phantom Elevation Mask.
Perfect for Endurance Sports Athletes, Mountain Climbers and Long Distance runners, this will take your training to a much higher level than your competition. The Science behind it, read below
  •   Increases Lung Capacity
  •   Increases Anaerobic Thresholds
  •   Increases Energy Production
  •  Improved Mental and Physical Stamina
  •  Improved Mental Focus
  •  Effectively simulates high altitude training environments
  •  Increases surface area and elasticity in alveoli
  •  Reduces workout time
  •  Suitable for running, martial arts, yoga, soccer, basketball, swimming and rugby training
  •  Includes 1 x Black Neoprene hand washable sleeve
  •  Includes 1 x silicon mask
  •  Includes 1 x head strap
  •  Includes introductory instructional booklet
The Science behind it, read below
What happens to my lungs when I exercise?
During exercise, two of the important organs of the body come into action: the heart and the lungs. The lungs bring oxygen into the body, to provide energy, and remove carbon dioxide, the waste product created when you produce energy. The heart pumps the oxygen to the muscles that are doing the exercise.
When you exercise and your muscles work harder, your body uses more oxygen and produces more carbon dioxide. To cope with this extra demand, your breathing has to increase from about 15 times a minute (12 litres of air) when you are resting, up to about 40–60 times a minute (100 litres of air) during exercise. Your circulation also speeds up to take the oxygen to the muscles so that they can keep moving.
When your lungs are healthy, you keep a large breathing reserve. You may feel ‘out of breath’ after exercise, but you will not be ‘short of breath’. When you have reduced lung function, you may use a large part of your breathing reserve. This may make you feel ‘out of breath’, which can be an unpleasant feeling, but it is not generally dangerous.

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